Knox Township was organized on June 14, 1808. William Gilson was appointed to collect the tax that year in the amount of $39.54. Benjamin Anderson and Jacob Crumbacker were appointed first Trustees of the fledgling Township. North Georgetown was laid out in the year 1830 and Winchester (later to become Homeworth) was platted in August 1851. Reading, a small village situated midway between North Georgetown and Homeworth was platted in or about 1840.

Samuel Thomas is credited with building the first school in Knox Township (Section 29). It was a log house or cabin and Mr. Thomas was the first teacher. By 1826 there were no less than four school districts in Knox Township. In 1852 the Township was divided into eleven school districts and this number increased again to twelve by 1860. This commitment to education clearly demonstrates the belief of even our earliest settlers that education was key to the success of  any progressive community.

On September 16, 1935 Knox Township was declared the most industrious and law abiding township Columbiana County. The pioneers of Knox Township having displayed qualities which enabled them to achieve a creditable history.

On August 16, 1941 the North Georgetown area was swept by a tornado. As the tornado reached it's height "women and children became hysterical, straw suffocated two calves, and timbers broke one bull's leg and he had to be destroyed."





Source: "Salem Stories - A Backward Glance" by Dale Shaffer, 1993.